100-year-old Red Riding Hood chocolates to be auctioned – News

The box contains four little chocolate figures including Little Red Riding Hood, a baby in a cradle, a man in a blue sailor suit and a lady in bonnet and dress.

Hansons Auctioneers, in Derbyshire, said when the box is opened it releases a #8220;delicious smell of cocoa#8221;.

They were made by James Pascall, a former Cadbury#8217;s agent who set up his own shop near Oxford Street, London.

Her niece, who did not want to be named, said: #8220;The chocolates were so special to her she wanted other people to see them and asked me if I could do anything about it.#8221;

They are due to go to auction on 19 December with an estimate of between £70 and £100.

A box of chocolates that were bought about 100 years ago as a Christmas present are due to be auctioned.

Mrs Elmes hoped they could be bought by a museum and put on display.

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