2 New Creatures Found With Rabies in Middlesex County Now –

May 16: People happened across a lethargic raccoon drooling saliva within an East Brunswick parking area and known as 911. Your pet examined positive.

This summer 17: A raccoon was discovered to be acting oddly near Metabolic rate Circle and Society Hill Means by North Brunswick. It had been taken and died in order to the condition lab for testing. Test results returned positive for rabies.

North Brunswick Township, NJ #8211; Two new creatures examined positive for rabies in North Brunswick Township, the Middlesex County Office of Health Services introduced Friday.

Other rabies cases in Middlesex County to date in 2016:

On Monday your pet Control Officer for North Brunswick taken care of immediately a phone call concerning a skunk which was discovered to be acting oddly near Thalia Street and Excelsior Avenue. The skunk was delivered to the Nj Condition Department of Health Laboratory for testing. Eventually later, on Tuesday, another North Brunswick Animal Control officer taken care of immediately a phone call concerning a fox which was acting oddly near Newton Street and Bradley Street. The fox was delivered to the condition lab, too, and both diagnostic tests returned positive for rabies on Thursday.

There aren#8217;t any known human or animal exposures towards the skunk or even the fox. Make certain all family pets are current on their own rabies vaccines, the county states, and steer clear of wild creatures.

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