A face of agony: Terminally ill girl, 11, set to be forced to live in a foster home after her distraught parents … –

#8216;How can we be called unfit parents for fighting for that?#8217;

A spokesperson for King#8217;s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: #8216;All decisions taken by our expert clinical team are in our patients#8217; best interests. We are unable to comment further on this case.#8217;

Melody#8217;s anguished father Nigel said: #8216;It#8217;s so hard to watch her suffer when we know there is something which could take the pain away in minutes#8217;

In a statement, Croydon Borough Council said: #8216;It is always very difficult for all concerned to ensure the right ­decisions are made for children who have complex health and care needs when there are differing medical options. 

#8216;I asked for a social worker because I thought they#8217;d help us do the best for Melody. Now I realise how naive we were. Parents are powerless.

Melody Driscoll #8211; who has undergone more then 40 operations #8211; suffers from Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development and results in severe mental and physical disability.

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