A vintage holiday: Gazette on the Go travels back in time for Christmas –

As you find yourself immersed in the old world, you can experience another Christmas classic that we never seem to get around here anymore: a white Christmas. The last time I remember it actually snowing on Christmas, I was still in grade school. But at Yankee Candle, it snows every four minutes. You stand in a little copse of Christmas trees, and suddenly magic is falling from the ceiling. Don’t try to catch any of it on your tongue though; it’s soap.

But still, living in the 21st century, our traditions feel very Old World to me.

Quaint little wagons fill out the square, also laden with ornaments for sale.

And there#8217;s an extra special treat at each of the mansions open for Christmas this year: in the kitchen at each house, there is a gingerbread replica of that house on display. Not only are they lovely to behold, when you walk into the kitchen, you’re immediately met with the most heavenly gingerbread cookie smell.

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