Apple VP Greg Joswiak defends iPhone X notch as one of the company’s most impressive pieces of tech – 9to5Mac

Face ID did hit one glitch, with the release of iOS 11.2, some owners reporting a message that the iPhone X was unable to activate the feature. Fortunately, a simple reboot fixed it.

Quoted in Tom’s Guide, Joswiak said that the focus should be on everything it achieves.

The iPhone X isn’t the first phone to integrate technologies like OLED or facial recognition — it simply executes those features better than the competition. At the same time, the processor inside the iPhone X is miles ahead of anything from the Android camp.

Apple did, he said, take its usual approach to new technology – not trying to be first to market, but aiming to offer the best possible implementation. And while he may not have called out Samsung by name, it was obvious who he had in mind with one comment.

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