Are killer clowns really stalking the roads of Cornwall? – West Briton

Since that time Devon and Cornwall Mother and father received reports of clown sightings in Plymouth, Torpoint and Saltash.

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#8220;We wish to reassure the general public that we#8217;re using this matter seriously and can react to any demands when needed. We are transporting out our routine patrols so we ask the general public to report any suspicious activity to police.#8221;

A recent incident in Kent sent the web into overdrive.

If you#8217;re ever attacked with a range of clowns#8230;choose the juggler.
— Cornwall (@cornwallclown) October 3, 2016


  1. I’m so scared of clowns I don’t now what to do

  2. I’m so scared of clowns I don’t now what to do where can I go to be save there is no where to hide

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