BOOK REVEW: Folk hoard makes magical reading – Bedfordshire News

Each chapter is prefaced with a little blurb about the writer. I#8217;d never heard of a #8216;folklore expert#8217; before and I remain sceptical one can make a living out of it.

The compendium starts off with a cheery, and arguably sexist, tale of a redundant tinner from Cornwall who sets off to bring home the bacon for his wife and daughter, but after three years comes back carrying only cake and #8216;wisdom#8217;.

Urban myths, historical fiction, parables, legends, fairytales and Norse sagas sit side by side in this folk treasury.

One of my favourites is based in Leicestershire and sees locals play hot potato with the corpse of an unpopular monk.

I suppose it#8217;s in the telling.

I#8217;LL admit, I procrastinated starting this book for a good couple of months.

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