BOOST! LEGO’s computing future and its ground-breaking past – The Register

Just over a decade later came the direct descendants of this week’s BOOST – the Mindstorms range of programmable robots.

Although it was only supplied with two motors by Lego, off the shelf, the addictive ability to expand and grow your sets in whatever way you pleased was part of the magic of Lego – and quite separate from the hellish agony of treading on one of the little blocks. Its chief feature was PC-attached plotters.

LEGO was officially founded in 1934 as a maker of wooden toys and produced its first bricks in 1949, having taking delivery of a plastic injection-moulding machine.

Due in the second-half of 2017, Boost targets those aged seven and, ahem “older” – so, yes, that’s you, too, mum and dad nerds and life hackers – interested in learning programming. Boost comes courtesy of a toy manufacturer that has an uncanny knack for successfully embracing personal computing at just the right time.

”Ingenious” was the word LEGO Technicopedia employed to describe the mechanical system used to control these computerized blocks.

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