BOYS SOCCER: Somerset rallies late to down Maroons, 3-0, in finals – Commonwealth Journal’s History

Pulaski head coach Brad Hewitt didn’t just show up to participate, they came to win. Somerset dominated possession and out shot the Maroons about 10 to 1, but 73 minutes into an 80 minute game the contest was still knotted up at 0-0.

The Jumpers kept up the pressure and it just felt the Maroon dam would have to break at some point.

Ali-Frazier, Red Sox-Yankees, and Pirates-Rabbits, all great rivalries. But when it comes to a star player getting hurt, whether you bleed purple or bleed maroon, you just don’t want this.

With 4:18 on the clock Johnny May outmaneuvered the defense and found the strings. 2-0 Somerset and chugging away.

Somerset Head Coach Steve Wallace, “I just hate Riley went down. It changed the whole game. At that point I could push defenders up and not worry about him getting behind us. I love that kid and would coach him all day long.”

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