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Brexit: How business leaders and economists are reacting to the breakthrough in negotiations –

Adam Marshall, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce

“Now that firms and households will likely expect that a soft Brexit has become more likely, the global upturn can now begin to rub off on the UK more next year.

David Owen, economist at Jefferies

“It’s now time to focus on the true prize of a new relationship and a deal that starts from 40 years of economic integration. With the same willpower shown today and jobs and living standards at the heart of every negotiating objective, these talks can set the UK up for the next 40 years of close alignment.

“Businesses will be breathing a sigh of relief that ‘sufficient progress’ has been achieved. After the noise and political brinksmanship of recent days, news of a breakthrough in the negotiations will be warmly welcomed by companies across the UK.

Kallum Pickering, economist at Berenberg

#8220;It went right down to the wire, but businesses will be breathing a huge sigh of relief that the UK and European Commission have reached agreement on phase 1 issues, putting us in a good position going into the Council meeting next week. It doesn’t mean the hard work has all been done, far from it, but it does mean we are now very close to discussing transitional arrangements and our future trading relationship with the EU.

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