Bristol Motor Speedway’s banking on turns helps racers quench their requirement for speed – WCYB

New sharpening was put into the banking two days ago. Its goal would be to give more traction for motorists to pass through around the lower area of the track.

BRISTOL, Tenn. #8211; Practices are going ahead for motorists racing in Bristol so that as always one of the leading focuses is speed.

Bristol motor speedway has got the third steepest banking behind Talladega Superspeedway and Daytona Worldwide Speedway.

The concrete surface around the turns gives motorists much more traction. The greater traction racers have, the faster they are able to go.

#8220;Within this situation at Bristol with aggressive banking you#8217;ve grip up top also it does permit you to work the throttle, use throttle control to operate the race vehicle,#8221; stated McClure.

Which all plays a role in why we all know Bristol because the world#8217;s quickest half mile.

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