Bristol native, Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte swindled at gunpoint Sunday morning –

Lochte swam in 2 occasions in the Rio Games, winning gold within the 4#215;200-meter freestyle relay.

Early Sunday morning Ryan Lochte and three other American bathers were swindled at gunpoint. Armed burglars posed as police officials and instructed Lochte’s taxi to drag over. Then they exhibited their badges and told everybody to obtain on the floor. Lochte declined until among the burglars place a gun to Lochte’s brow. He states they required everyone’s cash and the wallet.

“I was like we did not do anything whatsoever wrong so I am not receiving lower on the floor. And so the guy drawn out his gun, he cocked it, place it to my brow and stated #8220;get lower. I had been like (puts hands up) I put my hands up. I had been like #8220;whatever#8221;. He required our money, he required my wallet,” stated Lochte, a local of Bristol, Ontario County.

USOC spokesperson Patrick Sandusky stated Lochte and also the others left in france they Olympic team#8217;s hospitality house early Sunday inside a taxi going to the athletes village, hrs following the yesterday of Olympic swimming.

He stated #8220;the taxi was stopped by people pretending to be armed police officials who required the athletes#8217; money along with other personal possessions.#8221; Sandusky stated the 4 bathers are #8220;safe and cooperating with government bodies.#8221;

and Fox Sports Australia first reported this news, stating Lochte#8217;s mother, Ileana Lochte.

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