BRISTOL: Step aside Alexa; I’ve got a Magic 8 Ball – The Sun Chronicle

Among the portable voice assistants, Amazon’s Echo is the most sought after. There are many other standalone products from other companies and also voiced virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, which is the biggest player in that category. Sales of devices surge at the holidays.

There’s the apocalyptic: “Alexa, what in the world can be done about North Korea?”

I don’t have a voice assistant at my house — other than the human one — so I figured I’d stockpile some questions for my next visit to my grandson who luckily lives only five minutes away.

“Alexa, what’s a really clever present to get for my grandson?”

“Perhaps, sir, you would be better off consulting the Magic 8 Ball.”

“Also, how many mistakes am I likely to find in that book now that copy editors and proofreaders have been eliminated?” Grrr!

Here’s the answer I imagine I would get to that last question:

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