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British Airways cuts food service for economy vacationers –

British Airways has cut its food service and won#8217;t provide two foods to economy vacationers on plane tickets under eight . 5 hrs.

The lower menu was introduced recently and came after reviews the air travel would charge because of its foods.

Many plane tickets in the United kingdom towards the new england of the usa, including New You are able to, take between seven and eight hrs as the journey to Toronto and Montreal in Canada is about seven hrs.

Rather than two full foods travellers can get just one and may need to get by with snacks when they get hungrier later within the flight. The options of alcohol and complimentary snacks won#8217;t be affected, a BA spokesperson stated.

The apparent cost-cutting measures also affect journeys of under seven hrs for premium economy travellers.

A BA spokesperson stated: #8220;We provide clients on our transatlantic plane tickets a 3 course meal, bar service and snacks as well as on our longer transatlantic plane tickets, including towards the west coast, clients can be found an additional meal throughout the flight.

#8220;We frequently review our serving ensure we#8217;re trading where it matters most to the clients.#8221;

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