Campaign launched to save London’s fences made from WWII … – Metro

Rosie Shaw, a conservation manager who is involved with the campaign, told the Evening Standard: ‘A lot of them badly need some conservation or councils will have to replace them.

‘The LCC set about replacing them through clever re-use of the ARP stretchers.’

‘When the war ended there was a large surplus of stretchers and many of London’s housing estates had had their original railings removed to serve the war effort,’ the Stretcher Railing Society website says.

‘I think it would be wonderful if more people knew about them and could engage with them. Anyone who we tell gets really excited and it’s a really fascinating social part of our history.’

If it’s a stretcher fence, it will have two indents on each end, which were originally used to raise the stretcher slightly off the ground.

The fences can be found on estates in Oval, Brixton, Deptford, Peckham and even in places in east London.

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