Chancellor sets deadline for programs for Merseyside’s European cash – Liverpool Echo

However projects that haven#8217;t been agreed prior to the Fall Statement is going to be considered on the situation by situation basis.

Merseyside looks set to access least a few of the £190m the region ended up being to receive from Europe before Brexit.

The present ERDF programme is placed to operate until 2020. Since Britain is envisioned having left the EU before this, it had been feared a number of that EU cash could be withdrawn prior to the projects are completed.

“We recognise that lots of organisations over the United kingdom that are in receipt of EU funding, or be prepared to start receiving funding, want reassurance concerning the flow of funding they#8217;ll receive.

The Treasury will announce today that it#8217;ll underwrite Eu funded economic development projects signed before year’s Fall Statement #8211; even when they continue past the date that Britain leaves the EU.

Another £2.6m continues to be allotted towards the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory plan operated by LJMU along with a business start-up plan run collectively by Merseyside’s local government bodies continues to be granted £2.7m of Brussels’ money.

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