Chelsea Manning Files Documents to Run For Senate – Gizmodo

But Manning has also become a prominent transparency and civil liberties activist after her release from prison, where she spent seven years including grueling stretches in solitary confinement for leaking nearly 750,000 government documents to Wikileaks. If she bests Cardin in the Democratic primary, there hasn’t been a Republican senator from Maryland since 1987.

Harvard’s Kennedy School offered a visiting fellowship to Manning in 2017, though the college wimped out and rescinded the offer under pressure from senior intelligence officials.

[Washington Post]

Former U.S. Army intelligence analyst, Wikileaks whistleblower, and trans activist Chelsea Manning has filed documents to run for a Senate seat in Maryland currently held by incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin, the Washington Post reported.

Manning’s FEC filings show she plans to run as a Democrat, though it would appear she’s flanking the party to the left. In January 2017, she warned that despite Obama’s “faith in our system and his positive track record on many issues over the last eight years,” his record was undermined by habitual attempts to “comprise with opponents who were uninterested and unwilling to meet him halfway.”

In an interview with Nightline, Manning described her decision to leak the documents, some of which exposed abuses by U.S. forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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