Chris Hoy masters driving on two wheels – kingdom

On the first day, a stabiliser wheel and roll cage were suited to the outside of the vehicle to prevent it flipping onto its roof. Hoy’s first couple of attempts were predictably shaky, but through the finish from the session he#8217;d began to get used to it. Grant even stated “he’s way in front of other people that I’ve ever trained, that’s for sure”.

He’s this is not on a motorcycle, though. Rather, Hoy has mastered the skill of vehicle ‘skiing’, that involves driving a vehicle on two wheels.

Through the finish of day two, Hoy had handled they are driving 400 metres with no stabiliser wheel, much towards the excitement of everybody watching.

Mister Chris Hoy upon the market from professional cycling in 2013, but he’s back on two wheels with this marketing stunt.

Mister Chris became a member of world record-breaking stuntman Terry Grant at both Silverstone Motor Circuit and Kendrew Barracks over two unrelenting days to learn to pilot the specifically-modified Nissan Juke.

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