Cleveland Cavaliers’ No. 11, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, checks in with DMan’s World –

Zydrunas: It#8217;s humbling, especially when you look at all the previous recipients. I#8217;m only 42 years old, so it seems a little too early (chuckle). The city has meant so much for me and my family. It has given us so much and become our home.

Z: Shaq, no question about it. He#8217;s the best big man I ever played against. The pure combination of talent and size #8212; people don#8217;t realize how big, how wide, Shaq is until you stand next to him. I played against big guys who couldn#8217;t move all that well, big guys who weren#8217;t quick or didn#8217;t have enough skills. Shaq was the opposite; he was really quick with plenty of skills.

Z: I do. I should be better for the amount of time I spend on the course, but I really like it.

DMan#8217;s World: What does the GCSC#8217;s Lifetime Achievement Award mean to you?

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