Cleveland Indians prospect Francisco Mejia has striking streak clicked at 50 games, legitimate this time around –

CLEVELAND, Ohio #8212; There will not be any late-night revisions this time around. Francisco Mejia#8217;s striking streak, a long within the minor leagues in greater than a half-century, continues to be stopped at 50 games.

Mejia, 20, pieced together a long striking streak within the minors since 1954. Throughout the streak, Mejia was incorporated within an agree-upon trade that will have sent him to Milwaukee included in a bundle for those-Star catcher Jonathan Lucroy. Rather, Lucroy nixed the offer and Mejia continued to be within the Indians#8217; organization.

Mejia-Striking Streak Baseball

#8220;After reviewing additional data and watching video from the play, the state scorer made the decision to rule Mejia#8217;s batted ball within the third inning a dual. The recording review demonstrated the ball was struck far enough from the backhand from the third baseman [Gerson Montilla] striking with sufficient pressure and topspin to avoid Montilla from making the have fun with ordinary effort. According to this, the state scorer altered the mistake to some hit.#8221;

Following the decision, the Hillcats launched the next statement:

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