Cleveland startups to watch in 2017: Tech Czar Talk –

3. Komae: The company has developed an app that empowers parents to exchange free babysitting with their personal network of friends. A user#8217;s babysitting requests only show up to other parents the user has personally selected as trusted sitters. Instead of spending money on the teen-aged babysitter, parents earn Komae points. This paradigm changing app was the brain child of two stay at-home moms Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted. The company has launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for $20,000 and has won an additional $60,000 from seven business plan competitions. #8220;We hope to make Komae a verb,#8221; offered Husted. The company has launched the app and is now raising a full round of angel financing.

5. Micro Fantasy: Micro Fantasy is an ingenious app that allows a sports spectator to predict the next action to occur. The app transforms the smartphone from a distraction to an engaging, immersive fantasy sports experience for spectators. It offers a one touch app to predict the outcomes per play while watching the live sporting event. The inspiration for the app came to Kevin Oswald, the company#8217;s founder, while at a Cleveland Indian#8217;s game as a way engage his young son in the game. Oswald recently secured an Innovation Fund Grant A award of $25,000.

New companies, exotic technologies and fascinating personalities have created startups that merit a lot of attention and support. Here are my top five tech companies to watch in Northeast Ohio for 2017 as well as a short list of honorable mentions. Their successes will be measured in the amount of capital raised, employee growth, revenue and cash flows and eventually financial exit.

Fame and fortune are bound to find these bold companies very soon.

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