‘Congestion is national problem’ – Yorkshire Post

Leeds City Council leader Judith Blake, who also chairs the Core Cities group of major UK cities, said: “The UK’s infrastructure is currently not fit for purpose and is holding back economic growth particularly in the UK’s biggest cities.

TACKLING congestion in Yorkshire’s cities should be a national priority, the Government has been told.

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The Commission’s report warned that the UK was lagging behind the United States, the Netherlands and Japan on broadband and 4G speeds.

Lord Andrew Adonis, chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, said: “We have a proud history in this country of delivering world-class infrastructure – but for years funding has been squeezed, policy decisions have been erratic and the network is showing signs of age and strain.

“As a nation we need to move on from an ‘either-or’ process of decision making, investing to grow the whole of our economy, and creating more freedom in local decision making to speed up the process and reduce costs.”

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