Consuming Passions, Stephen Frederick Theatre, Scarborough – North Yorkshire Marketer

Melanie thinks that she#8217;s seeing the long run, but because her claims become more and more ridiculous, our belief in her own starts to falter. Is she just, in the end, deluded? Although we try to determine which is real and what#8217;s not, we confront awareness of honesty, fidelity, sanity – and also the practicality of precognition.

Gilly Collinson

In a quick half-hour each, both parts have the ability to be concurrently dark and funny, for the reason that typically Ayckbournian fashion. With something to think about but for the body, Consuming Passions is really a satisfying offering, and should rate among theatre’s best bargains.

ALWAYS keen to plot new variants around the theatre experience, in the latest play – his 80th – Alan Ayckbourn again resists a conventional format. Consuming Passions comprises two short playlets, Premonitions and Repercussions, initially being proven within the theatre’s café – complete, should you so wish, with soup and sandwiches.

Shuttleworth’s fellow stars – Rachel Caffrey, Andy Cryer and Leigh Symonds – expertly multi-task their way through this entertaining performance.

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