Devoted Carole is nominated for the best of Northumberland – Northumberland Gazette

The Northumbrian Hedgehog Save Trust is among the beneficiaries of the year’s Jam Jar Army campaign and Carole continues to be nominated within the Example category to find the best of Northumberland honours.

A wildlife lover who commits her time for you to caring and safeguarding hedgehogs continues to be nominated for any Better of Northumberland award.

Costs include having to pay for veterinary bills, medication, food, dishes, heat pads heating, lighting and cleaning equipment, amongst other things. There#8217;s no funding apart from periodic grants or loans, personal donations and money from self-fund-raising activities.

All year round, people over the North East take hurt, ill or dying hedgehogs to some converted a part of Carole’s home in Longframlington that they has devoted towards the cause.

The honours ceremony happens on Thursday, September 15, at Linden Hall, Longhorsley.

Organised by Northeast Press – marketers from the , Morpeth Herald, News Publish Leader – and Tweeddale Press’s Berwick Marketer, the annual Better of Northumberland honours really are a celebration of bravery, determination, commitment and achievement. We#8217;re searching for people and groups within the county who exceed the cod and/or show incredible strength and courage when confronted with adversity.

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