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Protest signs against HS2 near Manchester

Protest signs against HS2 near Manchester. ‘Delaying HS2’s construction to ensure that HS3’s planning could be faster could put both in danger,’ write David Thrower and Prof Ian Wray. Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

The phone call through the Institute for Public Policy Research for that suggested west-east high-speed rail route HS3 obtain priority within the north-south HS2 (Report, 8 August) is understandable but misplaced. As co-authors (combined with the late Professor Mister Peter Hall) of the paper first suggesting HS3, may we be permitted to reply.

In comparison, HS3 continues to be talked about being an outline concept. It#8217;s not yet been sufficiently planned, even while an extensive corridor on the map. We have to make sure that whatever detailed plan emerges can fulfil the finest quantity of functions when it comes to efficiently and price-effectively hooking up the town parts of Liverpool, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Humberside and You are able to and also the north-east, getting together their high-level work marketplaces. HS3’s planning is many years behind HS2’s.

To obstruct HS2’s construction to ensure that HS3’s planning could be faster is unnecessary and may even put both in danger. The 2 schemes are complementary, there could be no benefit to HS3’s planning in this move. To delay HS2’s first phase would simply create uncertainty at any given time once the United kingdom economy needs precisely the opposite.
David Thrower
Professor Ian Wray
Department of geography and planning, College of Liverpool

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HS2 and HS3 fulfil quite different functions. HS2 is made to significantly reduce travel occasions between Scotland, northern England, free airline and east Midlands and London and also the south-east, and also to tackle potential capacity shortages around the west coast mainline. It#8217;s been planned in the last decade entirely detail, and phase 1 awaits final parliamentary approval through the finish of the year. The confirmation from the detailed routes of phases 2A to Crewe and 2B to Manchester and Leeds can also be expected very shortly.

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