Dementia NEWS: Shock as 36-year-old diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease –

“My granddaughter knows her mum is ill but it’s hard for her to understand, she’s only just realising that she won’t get any better.

Alzheimer's disease: Carla was diagnosed with the disease when she was 36Alzheimer#8217;sResearchUK

Changes in mood and personality #8211; If you notice a loved one become easily upset, confused, depressed or anxious they could be suffering from Alzheimer#8217;s so talk to them and book an appointment with the doctor

She was unable to cope with having a bank account or filling out forms and became heavily dependent on her mum.

“The condition is caused by brain diseases which turn lives and families upside down, and which no one currently survives.

“It’s in similar circumstances that Carla and Lee visited their dad.”

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