Did UFOs abduct 1500 sheep from the field in Lincolnshire? – Lincolnshire Echo

The Fir,500 sheep inexplicably disappeared in the field at Stenigot overnight in September 2011. Nobody in the region stated to determine or hear anything.

The documentary maker stated he believed the alleged sightings might be from the disappearance of the large quantity of sheep.

He stated: #8220;I saw these white-colored or orange or yellow balls of sunshine which switched out is the black triangular.

Another witness who spoke on film, stated he once saw an enormous spherical object on the horizon as they was driving between Alford and Mablethorpe.

#8220;It had been quite big, most likely how big an articulated lorry.

#8220;Out of the blue it shot in the alternative direction it originated from.Inch

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