Durham parents bring kids to Charlottesville vigil to show ‘we’re not born hating’ –

“We really need to start dealing with one of America’s greatest shames,” Laws said.

Understanding why people came out to show solidarity with the victims of the Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville means delving into conversations concerning racism, terrorism and political contention.

Organizers said the event was about standing up against hatred and standing up for justice and equality in solidarity with Charlottesville.

The event was not the first in Durham to address racism and political tension, but there were more children in attendance than usual. Parents said they brought their young ones to show that both hatred and love are taught.

Several hundred students and community members gathered at a solidarity rally at the statue, which has been at the center of protests, vandalism and calls for removal for years.

As the children were lifted by those who were bigger and stronger to get a better view, the hope was that what they see now will have a far reaching impact on what they do later.

The group on Sunday demanded that elected officials condemn racist views and white supremacy.

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