Durham school escapes possible state takeover. Parent calls decision ‘a win-win’ – Durham Herald Sun

Schools chosen for the NCISD must accept being handed over to a private charter school operator or close the school.

Lee said he is pleased neither Durham school was chosen for the NCISD.

Meanwhile, Lee said DPS will continue to move forward with restart planning and implementation for Glenn, Lakewood and other schools that need additional support.

Hall acknowledged the process needs tweaking and said he plans to take recommendations to lawmakers next year.

Durham school board Chairman Mike Lee was alerted to Hall’s decision in a text message.

As many as five schools could be selected for the NCISD over the next few years, and Hall said he will continue to have discussions with districts with schools not chosen this year about their strategies to improve academic achievement.

Over the past several weeks, the Durham community, led by the Durham Association of Educators (DAE), has rallied around Glenn and Lakewood.

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