End of the Save the Alex campaign as chairman disbands the group … – Bromsgrove Standard

“How many have they got? 12 in total? The entire thing is unworkable and can only lead to a loss of service.

Chairman Neal Stote, who admitted he was disillusioned by the machinations of the local health trust, NHS policy and ‘photo opportunity’ politicians, said although deeply saddened, it was time to get his life back.

“The people of north Worcestershire need to wake up to what has happened at the Alexandra Hospital,” said Mr Stote.

“Paediatrics has gone, which effectively downgraded Aamp;E. Then the powers that be say the trust (Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust) should have ten Aamp;E consultants at both Worcestershire Royal and the Alex.

“The people I feel have been let down is not us, but the population of Redditch, a growing town of 83,000, with, including Bromsgrove, a surrounding population of 200,000 and these people have lost the hospital they fought for.”

The protest group, which, for the past 11 years, has, without fail, battled to retain services at the Alexandra Hospital, has called it a day in the face of the continuing drain of services away from the Woodrow Drive site.

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