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European Union invests $1.2bn in supercomputers to compete with China, US – Theafricom

Simon McIntosh-Smith, a professor specialising in high-performance computing at the University of Bristol, told Bloomberg: #8220;Brexit has thrown a lot of uncertainty around the U.K.#8217;s participation and it is really unfortunate and causing delay and confusion#8221;.

European officials first detailed the initiative, named EuroHPC, in March 2017 but today is the first time that they#8217;ve spoken about the project#8217;s funding details.

The four computers that result from this first phase will be made available to businesses and research groups across Europe, said the Commission.

These computers will act as a stepping stone to progress towards the ultimate goal of a next-gen #8220;exascale#8221; system, which could perform at least a quintillion calculations each second #8211; and yes, that#8217;s a billion billion.

#8220;It is a tough race and today the European Union is lagging behind: we do not have any supercomputers in the world#8217;s top-ten#8221;.

The European Commission#8217;s made a decision to throw €486 million at high performance computers.

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