Experts at pest control register Basis Prompt warn warm temperatures in Dorset could lead to higher risk of flea … – Dorset Echo

Basic precautions can be taken to prevent an infestation including; washing bedding and blankets in the hottest wash, hoovering regularly, and using approved products on pets.

“In dark-coated breeds, it may be better to comb the animal over a light-coloured bed-sheet or towel to highlight any fleas or their droppings as they fall.

“That can be confirmed, in cats or dogs with light-coloured coats, by brushing back their hair and finding either fleas or droppings,” said Mr Binns.

“Anyone treating their pet must be sure to treat their home thoroughly at the same time or the problem is highly likely to return.”

Anyone who does discover an infestation should call a professional pest control company immediately.

Residents are being urged to take extra precautions in the coming weeks as any infestation is likely to be on a much larger scale than usual.

“The risk of an infestation could be bigger than ever this summer.”

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