Figures show domestic abuse incidents are reported to Humberside Police every 23 minutes on average – Scunthorpe Telegraph

Domestic abuse accounts for a significant proportion of the work carried out by both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (11 per cent of crimes recorded by the police and 16 per cent of prosecutions).

In the Humberside Police area, 84 per cent of domestic abuse-related prosecutions led to convictions, compared to 76 per cent across England and Wales. Overall, domestic-abuse related prosecutions make up 16 per cent of all prosecutions.

The prevalence of domestic abuse has been slowly falling, with lower prevalence for the year ending March 2017 (5.9 per cent) compared with the year ending March 2012 (7.0 per cent), indicating a gradual, longer-term downward trend.

Domestic abuse-related offences made up 12 per cent of all offences recorded by the police in the year ending March 2017.

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