Future Fit: Tory MPs in battle over Shropshire A&E provision –

“I have repeatedly raised concerns about Future Fit process with the Secretary of State.“Residents are seriously concerned about the current proposals as are local clinicians. There is disbelief that after three years of running with this process there is so much confusion and no consultation with the public.

In a call to health bosses he said: “What we need is a New Year Resolution that this will be sorted out, quickly. The consultation so far seems to have been a complete waste of time and effort.

She says that the meeting was needed as people in Shropshire have no belief in the ongoing process.

“Telford is a town with a fast-growing population and which has significant pockets of deprivation. It is essential that funding follows needs and I am left to wonder if Future Fit have properly grasped the demographics and health inequalities of Telford and Shropshire.”

The developments pit Tory colleagues against each other as the review approaches a public consultation.

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