‘Go now’: West Midlands Ukip MEP Bill Etheridge calls on party leader Henry Bolton to quit in fallout over … –

“Also it would be hypocritical to allow her to stay… because he said in the leadership election he was the candidate against racism and nazis so she has to go or he and @UKIP are doomed if we let this behaviour happen in the party.”


#8220;Henry,#8221; he added: #8220;Go now.#8221;

But he said Mr Bolton#8217;s #8220;lack of experience in politics has got the better of him#8221;, that Ukip resources were being used to defend Mr Bolton#8217;s private life and many decisions were being taken without any consultation.

“Jo was suspended immediately upon us receiving this information,” Mr Bolton tweeted in reply.

In a letter to members, Mr Oakden said the National Executive Committee ruling body agreed to discuss the leader’s private life at a special meeting in January.

He tweeted: “Utterly false! Photo taken by Gawain Towler (Ukip communications official). The woman just in shot is a staffer.”

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