Hellblade’s bizarre ending will make you question what’s real – VentureBeat

Senua’s father, Zynbel, figures prominently in her disturbed mental states. He was a clan druid who isolated Senua as she was growing up to drive away “the darkness” within her. The darkness is really a form of mental illness, passed down from her mother, Galena.

During the game, Zynbel appears as the Shadow, and Senua finally comes to identify him as Zynbel. She uncovers the memory of Zynbel burning his wife at the stake, as if she were a witch. Senua has blocked this memory, and it comes out as she searches for Dillion’s soul, carrying his skull with her on the journey into Helheim, the Norse hell. The question is whether Senua will realize that her enemy is herself, that Dillion is truly gone, and that she can’t bring him back. Coming to terms with that reality — and breaking out of the nightmare world that she has built in her own mind — is the challenge that she faces.

Editor’s note: This video and story have spoilers about the ending.

Above: Senua holding Dillion’s skull.

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