How a North Yorkshire emergency handler dealt with the ‘suspicious Tesco van’ call – Yorkshire Post

“I think the caller thought that the vehicle was suspicious because they weren’t aware of anyone in the village who shopped at Tesco. They thought because it’s not a regular occurrence, it must be something suspicious.#8221;

Jane Larkin, 57, is the manager of the police control room, where she has worked for 17 years.

“We stayed on the phone with them and the driver delivered the basket, so they were satisfied there was nothing serious going on there.

And now a North Yorkshire Police call handler has revealed how staff responded to the unusual complaint.

For data protection reasons the force did not reveal the exact location of the village.

The caller phoned 101 because #8216;nobody in the village shops at Tesco#8217; and they were convinced the driver#8217;s motives were dubious.

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