How Can MS-13 Be Stopped? Long Island Officials Are Divided – New York Times

As of last September, police estimated there were 400 MS-13 gang members in Suffolk County. In the last year, the police and immigration agents said they have combined to arrest more than 320 of them.

So which concerns her more? “Honestly,” Ms. Yanes added, “I am more scared of La Mara than Trump right now.”

But the schools were blindsided, because the details had not been worked out in advance. And they took it personally.

“The idea was we would have been a welcoming arm to these kids at the start of the school year,” said Rahsmia Zatar, the executive director of Strong Youth (the first word is an acronym for “Struggling to Reunite Our New Generation”). The program is now not likely to start in Brentwood until January 2018.

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