How DO you take this confusing triple-lane Devon roundabout? – Devon Live

They continued: #8220;That#8217;s where the problems start. Every day I see drivers hugging the roundabout to turn right and then having to merge while other cars are in the lane they need to be in.

#8220;If they take the outer lane they can follow that lane all the way round the roundabout and it takes them directly off in the direction of Roundswell. But taking an outer lane when turning right feels unnatural.#8221;

The complainant continued: #8220;Alternatively, if they hug the roundabout as one would usually do, they end up having to merge into the lane to take them towards Roundswell at the last minute.#8221;

When asked for further clarification, a council spokesman said: #8220;Traffic from the Bishops Tawton direction should always give way to the right.

#8220;But if someone is hugging the roundabout to turn right they often meet at the exit #8211; and don#8217;t know who is in the wrong.#8221;

The complainant, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were concerned that people were driving the busy, triple lane roundabout incorrectly #8211; with potentially dangerous consequences.

But when received a lengthy #8220;rant#8221; about the Lake roundabout near Barnstaple, we thought we#8217;d try to get to the bottom of it.

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