How law firm boss balanced motherhood and theatre to become Nottinghamshire’s businesswoman of the year – Nottingham Post

It also represented former City trader Bruno Iksil, nicknamed the “London whale” and former managing director of hedge fund JP Morgan Chase as he was investigated by a number of regulatory and justice bodies in the UK and USA following a loss of $6.2 billion – with charges by the Financial Conduct Authority dropped in 2015 after a three-year investigation.

It is first evident on arrival with the bright and airy decor, iPads on work benches, long sofa seating with cushions in the corridors and the corporate buzzwords “progressive”, “friendly”, “straightforward” and “flexible” adorning the cafe wall.

Sarah, 49, explains: “When I arrived here 13 years ago, various people said Browne Jacobson was Nottingham’s best-kept secret.

“We need to value people’s flexibility and allow them to make personal choices about work, and that opens us up to a wider workforce.”

“We’re already smashing targets but for me I can’t work out why it’s not 50 percent,” says Sarah.

From a workforce of 300 when Sarah joined 13 years ago, there are now about 960 staff nationally – two-thirds of whom are in Nottingham, with about 500 lawyers overall. Thirty-five percent of the 130 partners are female, above an industry average believed to be around 20 percent.


  1. ghastly woman

  2. “she’s even been known to take calls while on holiday”

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