How much more will Essex commuters pay for train travel after … – Essex Live

At Essex Live we have found out how much an anytime day single and a 12-month season ticket will be, from some of Essex’s busiest stations into London, after the price rise.

At present commuters have to fork out £2,756 for a season ticket but in the New Year this will increase to £2,852.

A 12-month season ticket is priced at £3,368 but after January 2 this will increase to £3,488.

Regarding 12-month season tickets, at the moment these are currently set at £3,496. However, once the increase comes in this will climb to £3,620.

The price of a 12-month season ticket will climb by £128 – from £3,572 to £3,700.

Should you be a regular commuter and looking to buy a 12-month season ticket this currently costs £3,832. Once the price increase is implemented a 12-month season ticket will cost £3,968 – a rise of £136.

For a 12-month long season ticket, which currently costs £4,344, the price will climb by £156 to £4,500.

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