Huntingdonshire finish Jesse Steward Trophy on the top Cambridge News

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4 out of 5 rinks were victorious for Tracks within the southern section match, using the rink of Sandra Day, Pauline Whittlesey and Andrea Rose to be the greatest those who win because they defeated Margaret Hunt#8217;s rink 44-15.

The rink of Janice White-colored, Gladys Cousins and Val Corn saw from the challenge from Lyn Clare#8217;s rink having a 32-14 triumph.

Joan Rogers, Annie Wilson and Pat Purssord were involved with a rather closer match, even though they eventually emerged 21-16 victors within the rink skipped by Anne Halsey.

The only real Tracks rink to suffer a defeat against North Cambs was the main one skipped by Nicky Verlander, even though they were only edged out by four shots inside a 22-18 loss.

And June Blackall, Jesse Chapman and Lindi Lebti comprised another winning Tracks rink, winning 29-14.

BOWLS: Huntingdonshire closed out their Jesse Steward Trophy campaign having a 144-81 victory over North Cambridgeshire.

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