Jaguar F-type lite still knocks you back almost one million but promises an exhilarating ride – Namibia Economist

Jaguar Land Rover announced this week the arrival of the award winning Jaguar F-type Coupé and Convertible, but not with the regular V8 monster or more sedate V6 for a power plant. The new models sport a modest 4-cylinder 2-litre Ingenium engine, but it still kicks out a whopping 221kW in break horse power on the rear wheels thanks to its high performance characteristics and impressive turbo charger.

Jaguar Land Rover said all new Jaguars come with a 5-year Care Plan, a 5-year/100,000km service plan and a 5-year/150,000km warranty as standard.

The 2-litre F-type joins the 423kW supercharged V8 F-type SVR, the 405kW F-type R, the 294kW F-type 400 SPORT, the 280kW F-type S and the standard 250kW F-type in both Coupé and Convertible body styles, as well as the R-Dynamic trim level.

Windhoek Jaguar Sales Manager, Dylan Kaye confirmed to the Economist that an F-type Convertible is actually in stock in the Windhoek showroom.  “And the 2.0 is not a slouch, it can keep its head up among the rivals,” he added.

Describing the F-type lite in concepts of efficiency and affordability, Jaguar Land Rover is quick to point out that the iconic 2-seater sports car still carries the distinctive Jaguar DNA. “The pairing of Jaguar’s all-aluminium two-seat sports car with the advanced 221kW 2-litre turbocharged powerplant delivers Jaguar sports car DNA with enhanced agility and improved efficiency and affordability. This is a true F-type, with its own unique character,” the British marque stated when the arrival in southern Africa of the 2-litre derivative was announced.

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