Jeremy, The Lonely, Left-Twisting Snail, Dies — But Knows Love Before The End – NPR

A callout prompted a global search for a potential partner. Along the way, Jeremy became famous. And two other snails were located — Lefty, from Ipswich, and Tomeau, from Majorca, Spain.

#8220;The fact that the babies developed right-coiling shells may be because the mother carries both the dominant and recessive versions of the genes that determine shell-coiling direction. Body asymmetry in snails is inherited in a similar way to bird shell colour – just as only the mother#8217;s genes determine the colour of a bird egg, only the mother#8217;s genes determine the direction of the twist of a snail shell. It is far more likely that left-coiling babies will be produced in the next generation or even the generation after that.#8221;

Jeremy mated with Tomeau, the Spanish left-coiler, and Tomeau has now produced a batch of 56 baby snails.

Jeremy was found dead on Wednesday. But #8220;the sad news comes with a bittersweet twist,#8221; writes the University of Nottingham.

That#8217;s right. The little lefty did it.

And now that he#8217;s passed, he inspired one last song — a eulogy.

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