JoJo bows fashion accessory to face a ban in Derbyshire schools – Derby Telegraph

Have large bows been banned at your child#8217;s schools or are there other things that are banned by teachers that irritate you?

JoJo bows are the latest fad to challenge authority in the nation#8217;s schools and it is understood that at least one Derbyshire school has already banned the fashion craze.

Education and safeguarding experts feel that the bows themselves are relatively harmless but inevitably schools are likely to clash with parents over school uniform policy if they are banned.

It has been reported on a social media site that Sawley Junior School has banned pupils from wearing the bows because they are not part of the school uniform.

Her accessory range is stocked around the world and is now threatening to cause rows in local schools.


  1. Wow! They actully banned them.

  2. Yeah I know

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