Lady Lucan ‘left her fortune to charity rather than her children’ – The Argus

Lady Lucan, whose husband famously vanished in the 1970s, cut her children out of her will and left her fortune to a homeless charity, her daughter is reported to have said.

In 2017 Lady Lucan gave a television interview in which she said she believed Lord Lucan had made the “brave” decision to take his own life.

Camilla Bingham, a QC, told the after an inquest held in London: “Mummy left her estate to the homeless charity, Shelter.”

On the night of his disappearance, Lady Lucan was also beaten severely before she managed to escape and raise the alarm at a nearby pub, the Plumbers Arms.

Lord Lucan’s car was later found abandoned and soaked in blood in Newhaven, East Sussex, and a year later an inquest jury declared the wealthy peer was the killer.

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