Lavrov, Tillerson Discuss Syria, Ukraine, N Korea, Recruitment of Journalists – Sputnik International

The Foreign Minister of Russia and the US Secretary of State discussed a number of topics during their meeting at the OSCE summit in Vienna. The main topics of their discussions were Ukraine, Syria and North Korea.

Zakharova claimed that one Russian journalist in the United States, whose name wasn#8217;t disclosed, was pressured to cooperate with US intelligence agencies first through offers of cooperation, then through bribes and psychological tactics, and when those did not work — through threats.

Lavrov and Tillerson found some common ground regarding North Korea, agreeing that Pyongyang must strictly abide by UN Security Council resolutions. Meanwhile, Sergey Lavrov underscored that the escalation of tensions brought about by aggressive US rhetoric and military preparations in the vicinity of the Korean Peninsula, is unacceptable.

The two cabinet-level officials met during the summit of Foreign Ministers of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), one of the few organizations that both the US and Russia are members of.

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