Lawyer for alleged Bristol drug dealer boosts concerns about integrity of police – Bristol Press

Casanova, that has been held on $450,000 bond since his arrest in May 2015, is facing three counts of purchase of drugs and 2 counts of distribution of the controlled substance within 1,500 ft of the school. He#8217;s pleaded not liable to any or all charges.

Paul Rotiroti, condition district attorney, strongly opposed Cruz obtaining a copy from the documents without redactions, saying the omissions, such as the locations from the allegations, were meant to safeguard the identity of the individual who apparently bought drugs from Casanova and cooperated with police.

Judge Richard Dyer — who reviewed copies of both transcripts with and with no redactions — on Wednesday ruled in support of the district attorney. Delivering the overlooked information, he stated, would endanger the security of the individual whose identity is not launched.

A Hot dogs hearing particularly handles a properly-known 1978 Top Court situation concerning police potentially laying to be able to obtain probable reason for a warrant.

BRISTOL — The attorney representing a guy charged with selling cocaine in Bristol stated Wednesday he thinks police might have lied in regards to a crucial facet of his client’s situation.

A 2006 movie “Bristol Boys” took it#8217;s origin from a 2001 statewide drugs analysis by which Casanova was billed, together with 20 others. Casanova was among the figures pictured within the film.      

In a hearing Wednesday in Bristol Superior Court, Michaelanglo Casanova , 43, of 350 Fernhill Road, was refused a motion to get more details concerning the allegations against him, particularly in which the three alleged drug transactions happened. His attorney, Justin Cruz, had requested for united nations-redacted transcripts from audio tracks of his client allegedly selling drugs multiple occasions in Bristol in December 2014 and The month of january and Feb 2015.

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