Leaders of Cumbria cocaine gang ordered to pay back £100000 in ill-gotten gains – NW Evening Mail

He benefited to the tune of £88,773.40 and was ordered to pay back £67,344.53. If he fails to pay this amount within three months he faces a default prison sentence of 18 months.

GANG leaders responsible for supplying cocaine in Cumbria have been ordered to pay back the proceeds of their crimes.

The case of Proudfoot’s co-accused Steven McNeil, aged 32, from Burnrigg, Carlisle was dealt with at an earlier hearing on the 21st October 2016.

“The proceeds of crime legislation provides police with the ability to hurt criminals where it matters the most, in their pocket.”

“From the start, their finances are being examined to establish how much they have benefitted from their criminal activity with the aim to recover their realisable assets.

“Bringing criminals before the court for their crimes is not the end of the case.

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