Lincolnshire apartment developer concurs to pay for $3 million in charges – Chicago Tribune

The developer of the major apartment complex in Lincolnshire pays $3 million in charges after reaching an agreement with village authorities that clears the way in which for that suggested residential project to begin.

Village authorities negotiated using the developer, concentrating on the number of likely would occupy the 302 models from the suggested development. Each side eventually chosen 1.84 residents one along with a $3 million impact fee, Brandt stated.

On May 9, village trustees approved ECD Co.#8217;s intend to build 302 rental models in 2, four-story structures, a task that village authorities and designers both stated could attract more youthful Millennials as well as their desire to have rental housing options.

ECD reps have stated since May, when village board people approved the work, the targeted census likely would cause an minor impact on nearby schools and parks. But Lincolnshire authorities, like the majority of other place cities, typically assess impact charges for big residential projects.

#8220;It will not happen,#8221; he stated. #8220;You will not obtain that lots of people taking up this property.#8221;

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